Hi there! Welcome to our website, Aspen Grove! This is a website for the game, Petz 4. All of our Huskies and Malamutes reside here.

We have our main Iditarod team, and our dogs that are In Training to hopefully join our Iditarod team some day.


All of them race in teams of 8 in our smaller Sled dog races, in teams of 2 for our Skijoring Races, and a team of 16 for our annual Iditarod race, all at Duke's Group


We also compete with them at PKC. I try to fully title each of my petz by the time they reach 8 years old.


At age 8 they retire from racing, breeding, and the show ring.  Once they get too old, they will cross over the 'rainbow bridge'.

We usually breed our dogz once a year. Usually around November & December. Any puppies not adopted from the previous year go up as Adults to make room for the new available puppies.